Yemen: Kids and War

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Yemen: Kids and War

1 x 32' & 1 x 52' - Current affairs

It is an exceptional documentary, filmed in a country no camera can penetrate – a world exclusive.

In a context in which the biggest international networks are unable to present images of this forgotten war, the Yemeni director Khadija Al Salami has entrusted her camera to 3 children who become war correspondents for this documentary in Yemen.

Ahmed is 11, Rima is 8 and Youssef is 9. It is them who will recount the daily life of theYemeni people under Saudi airstrikes.

They meet other kids, collecting the testimonies of wounded children in hospital and those who lost their parents in the airstrikes.

With the innocence of children, they also interview adults – a painter, a rapper, a model who has become ‘Miss War’ on social media – and ask them to send a message to those who they believe are the only ones who can stop the war – the EuropeanUnion.

Constructed like a story tale, with no images of violence, this deeply moving documentary shows the cruel reality of war through the eyes of children, and the incredible hope that they place in Europe to put an end to the conflict.

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Official selection :
The Japan Prize 2018
Viewers' choice - MESA

Broadcast opportunities :

19th August : World Humanitarian Day
21st September : International Day of Peace
20th November : United Children's Day
6th January : World Day for War Orphans