Unfair Game

« A Trip into Data Democracy »

Unfair Game

1 x 70' - 1 x 52' - Current Affairs

He lost the general election with an historic margin of 3 millions votes.

He lied to the press and to the public during the whole campaign, pushing his country into a post truth era.

In the shadows of the President of the USA lies a mysterious man who has poured millions of dollars into conservative causes for a decade. A man that took control over Donald Trump’s campaign. A man that controls Breitbart News, an ultra-conservative website turned into an alt-right propaganda machine, headed by Steve Bannon, a white nationalist and Trump’s former Chief Strategist.

A man that funded a psychometric firm, Cambridge Analityca, which used big data to learn all about us, in order to target voters and influence democratic elections. Donald Trump’s election is just the very first in this new era of «Data Democracy».

Broadcast opportunities:

6th November: US mid-term elections
8th November: anniversary of Trump's election