Tomorrow is gonna be ok

« A modern day fairy-tale »

Tomorrow is gonna be ok

1 x 54' & 1 x 70' - Human Story

A film about hope, youth, and a fight against fate.

For the first time, you will dive into the heart of a community that has been continually persecuted by Donald Trump. This community is that of theMexicans. The people that the American President calls ‘drug dealers, criminals and rapists’, undesirables that he wants to marginalize, if not expel completely.Jerry, 53 years old, has decided to fight against this fate, by giving hope back to young ‘Latinos’ without a future. In Los Angeles, in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, this ex-convict has created THE GARAGE, a skate school that is a little bit special. To get in, there’s only one condition: do your homework. Skating is evidently a pretext for creating a support framework,to offer a future to these young kids, aged between 8 and 18 years old, who have been abandoned by their parents and courted by gangs...When they entered through the door of his skate school for the first time, Jerry promised the mall one thing “Don’t worry, tomorrow is gonna be OK”. This is more than a skate school; it is a school of life.

Broadcast opportunities:

14th May: Immigrant Day in California
15th September-15th October: Hispanic Heritage Month