The Silenced Walls

« A journey between past and present, in the biggest concentration camp in France »

The Silenced Walls

1 x 90' & 1 x 52' - History

In Drancy, the « Cité de la Muette » is a social housing complex in the outskirts of Paris. At first glance, this estate resembles any other, but the walls of these buildings have been hiding a terrible secret for over 70 years, a secret that longs to be forgotten.

Back in 1941, it hosted the concentration camp of Drancy where almost 80 000 Jews were detained by the French authorities, awaiting transfer to Auschwitz. It was called « The antechamber of death ». 

Out of the 63 000 men, women and children deported, less than 2 000 survived. Like a subtle yet violent reminder of the place’s tragic past, a memorial lies in the courtyard, and residents occasionally run into former internees, survivors and relatives, as if tragedy was ingrained deep within the walls they call home. How could people live in an old internment camp ?

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20th August: Drancy Internment Camp was opened
27th  January: International Holocaust Remembrance Day