The Lost Kids of Calais

« How kids survive in Europe's largest slum »

The Lost Kids of Calais


Rafi, Salman, Said and Ali are all under 18 years old. 

They come from Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan. After months of wandering, fleeing wars in their country, they found themselves stuck in Calais, where they are trying to survive, waiting for something better.

Their dream: to get to England. How? By climbing into containers or slipping onto the axles of trucks, risking their lives. Who cares about these isolated minors in the Calais Jungle, the largest slum in Europe?

Award : Festival international du Film de l'Education

Broadcast opportunities :

20th June : World Refugee Day
24th October : The Jungle was destroyed
20th November : United Children's Day
6th January : World Day for War Orphans