Syria : The Legions of Holy War

« A journey amongst Jihadist fighters »

Syria : The Legions of Holy War

1x52' - Current Affairs

They want us to call them ''The Soldiers of God''… 

These legions of Holy War are currently active behind the scenes. They are claiming 3 common objectives with ISIS. First they want to set up the Islamic State (the Caliphate) from Syria to Iraq, Palestine and even Lebanon. But most of all, they are dying to introduce and enforce Sharia law. To do so, they need to crush their two outspoken enemies : the Shiites and Bachar Al Assad.

For more than 10 days, our team of journalists has been allowed exclusive access to get immersed into different Jihadist factions. Some of them come from ISIS, others are more independent. 

For the very first time, a TV camera followed the everyday life of these men, and even women, who claim to fight for God.

Let’s get immersed into one of the most bloodthirsty fighting factions in Syria.