San Francisco, World Capital 3.0

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San Francisco, World Capital 3.0

1 x 52' - Tech & Lifestyle

Facebook, Google, Amazon....these brands are part of your daily life, they know everything about you, buthow much do you know them ? 

Settledin the Silicon Valley and its capital San Francisco, the GAFA's are battling towin the race of technology and innovation. Like "Twitch" or"Front", they have to attract worldwide talents to grow fast, and therecipe is easy : games rooms, free cafeterias, no working hours, digital detox... they make their best to make them feel at home.

Oncethe wow factor has subsided, we take an interest in what the Instagram photosdon’t show us: a town becoming progressively more white and rich, where racismand sexual deprivation rage. 

In acity where they are trying to find eternal life, homeless people are stilldying in the streets. San Francisco, happiness factory or antechamber of ahellish future?