« A mix of theatre, circus, dance, music, and acrobatics »


1 x 80' - Performing Art

Imagine your grandparents, and what they lived through when they were your age. That is the pitch of this new show, offered by 8 outstanding performers from all 4 corners of the globe. With the 7 Fingers’ Reversible, an international cast of multi-talented performers travels through time and space. 

Through an unique, riveting mix of theatre, circus, dance, music and acrobatics, this captivating spectacle creates a stunning and poetic tribute to a generation who forged the world that we live in today, and whose stories might hold the key to a better tomorrow.
This latest creation from the 7 Fingers Creation Collective was the first piece of circus to be performed at the newly renovated Bataclan, and has been an international success.

Broadcast opportunities:

29th April: International Day of Dance