North Pole Rihanna

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North Pole Rihanna

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Kelly Fraser is 21 and she's a star. A phenomenon amongst the Inuits in the Canadian North. Everywhere, people await impatiently for her visits. On stage, Kelly Fraser sings. Her major successes : translated into Inuktitut, the local language, cover hits from Gangnam Style to Diamonds by Rihanna. And, everywhere she goes, it's madness. Kelly goes from concert to concert through the snow and ice by driving a skidoo. 

Why is she so successful ? Because Kelly Fraser does not just sing. She restores pride and hope to an entire nation. A beautiful but terribly wild and isolated region, where life is difficult for the Inuits, torn between traditions and modern life, and where the suicide rate is the highest in the world.

Broadcast opportunities

7th November: International Day of the Inuit