Is it Punk Music? A year with Cassels

« Let's rock! »

Is it Punk Music? A year with Cassels

1 x 52' - Lifestyle

Jim and Loz Beck are brothers from Chipping Norton. They’ve played rock music together since they were 8 years old. At 18, they left the boring British countryside to live inLondon and work on their music. Jim started working in a cultural association while Loz is discovering the pleasures of the student life.The flm is driven by the raw punk music and the deeply political and emotional lyrics from their two-piece band Cassels. In this intimate portrait, Jim and Loz confront their strong artistic point of view and their DIY approach to the reality of the music industry, and the social and economic life in London.

Screening & concert @ Doc'n Roll Festival
7th November 2018